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50 Compelling Reasons

50+ Advantages of Divine Ascendance

Celestial Transformation uplifts your Highest to Ascendance
Daily practise of Celestial Transformation exercises such as Celestial Resonance uplifts the power of your highest aspects and results in your achieving several major milestones in spiritual growth. The first major milestone is called "Spiritual Ascendance", and many seekers have already achieved this using their own techniques. When you have Spiritual Ascendance, it is then possible for you to take some quantum leaps, that only a tiny number of people have taken so far, and further uplift yourself so that your divine aspect becomes ascendant. Divine Ascendance (also known as Divine Dominance) produces amazing changes in your whole being.

1. Chakras are No Longer Required and they cease to be
Chakras are no longer required when the Divine is ascendant, and they are replaced by the more powerful divine function. Along the way they are healed and optimised. Everyone who has a mobile phone knows that they charge it up by connecting it to a transformer after connecting the transformer to the mains power. Chakras are like the transformer. When you are Divine Dominant you don't need the transformer. You connect directly to the mains power.

2. Like Chakras, Kundalini is No Longer Required and it ceases to be
Kundalini is no longer required when the Divine is ascendant, and it is replaced by the more powerful divine function. Along the way it is healed and optimised and allowed to flow in the ways it knows best. Kundalini is your power prior to Divine Ascendance. When you are Divine Ascendant then your Divine Power is your power.

3. Dimensions Increase
There is an infinite number of dimensions within All That Is, of which the average person accesses just 15. With Divine Ascendance the number of dimensions you access approaches infinity.

4. Levels of Perfection Increase
The average person has 0.3 levels of perfection. With Divine Ascendance the level of perfection can be many thousands and more.

5. Vibratory rate Increases
With Divine Ascendance, your vibratory rate sizzles.

6. Channeling Improves
Divine Ascendance gives access to information of much higher quality. Channelers can channel divine beings if they are Divine Ascendant. Unfortunately, most channeled information in the world comes from sources of low vibration and low evolution. Even if the original source of channeled information is high (as is the case with, for example, 'A Course in Miracles'), if the person doing the channeling accesses only a low number of dimensions, then the information has to be stepped down through a number of beings along the way to the channel, each of these beings having the potential to change the information in some way if they don't like what is being said.

7. Negative Entities removed
Negative entities stay away from Divine Ascendant beings although the divine can call beneficial negativity to it in order to learn from it.

8. Greater Unity of Oneness with All That Is
At some level of their beings, all beings want unity of oneness with All That is. With Divine Ascendance you have more of it.

9. Completion of Purpose
Most people complete at least some of their life's purposes along the way to Divine Ascendance. They then often take on higher purposes.

10. Ascension
"Spiritual Ascension" means "to evolve beyond the need for a physical body". This means that this present incarnation will be the last one that you will have in a physical body unless you deliberately choose to take on a purpose that brings you back.

11. Healing Of Spirit
The spirit is healed on the way to Divine Ascendance. We are not medical professionals so we can't comment on whether there is any physical healing. We can say that you can have physical health issues and still be Divine Ascendant. Physical illness is sometimes used, by those beings responsible for a person's evolution, to catalyse greater evolution.

12. Spirit Guide Higher
True spirit guides guide people to evolve to the level of the spirit guide. When you evolve to the level of your true spirit guide, you then require a new spirit guide to take you higher. With Divine Ascendance you get a divine level true spirit guide (or higher).

13. Healing and Guardian Angels Higher
With Divine Ascendance you get divine level Healing and Guardian Angels to look after you.

14. Other beings that assist Higher
There are often other beings that assist humans. Sometimes these appear to be deceased relatives, or angels, or other spiritual beings that seek to assist. With Divine Ascendance, you can get more highly evolved beings assisting, divine level beings (and higher).

15. Essence Purified and Renewed
Essence (it is something like what Christians call "soul") is purified. Along the way to Divine Ascendance, essence can become redundant and let go of and new essence accepted that is in line with higher purpose.

16. Access to the Smallest Molecule of Divine Light
At the core of the being is the Smallest Molecule of Divine Light. Many people never access this divine core of their beings. It goes without saying that those with Divine Ascendance do have access.

17. Energy Uplifted
Energy is uplifted and made more positive with Divine Ascendance.

18. Light Uplifted
Light is uplifted and made more positive with Divine Ascendance. The amount of light within your being increases as you evolve higher.

19. Spiritual Evolution Quantum Leaps
Your level of spiritual evolution quantum leaps with Divine Ascendance.

20. Negative Interference Removed
Negative interference (possessive beings, walk-ins, etc.) is dismissed along the path to Divine Ascendance.

21. Powerful Auric Shield and Boundaries Installed
As you move towards Divine Ascendance, your aura is more protected by a powerful shield and your boundaries are more clearly defined.

22. Positive Spirit
Some people began life eons ago as negative beings. They transform to positive along the path to Divine Ascendance if they haven't already done so.

23. Integration
Many people lack integration of some or much of their beings (spirit, dark side, inner child etc.). On the way to Divine Ascendance you achieve integration.

24. Spiritual Hierarchy Uplifted
Sometimes a person's spiritual hierarchy (a hierarchy of beings with responsibility for a person's spiritual evolution) is compromised. This can be healed along the path to Divine Ascendance.

25. Third Eye Opening
With Divine Ascendance, the Third Eye can open safely.

26. Aura Healing and Optimization
With Divine Ascendance, the aura takes on a divine vibration. Along the way it is healed and purified, uplifted and enlightened and it radiates more and more.

27. Dark Stuff In and Around Aura Removed
With Divine Ascendance, dark stuff in and around the aura leaves.

28. Channeling Trails Removed
One of the limitations of channeling is that negative beings disguise themselves as positive and, when they are channeled, they leave "snail trails" through the being of the channeler. The path to Divine Ascendance will remove these trails.

29. Highest Love Expansion
Higher than Unconditional Divine Love is Highest Love. Highest Love is one of the highest transformative powers and it increases within your being with Divine Ascendance. Essentially you are Highest Love and so you become more of who you are.

30. Highest Divine Qualities Uplifted and accessed
With Divine Ascendance you have more of the highest divine qualities such as Highest Truth, Highest Positive, Highest Wisdom, Highest Power, Highest Protection, and many more, all of which you can resonate with to create that which is beneficial for yourself and for all.

31. Light Bodies Removed
Some beings have "light bodies" (especially inter-dimensional beings and extra-terrestrial beings). Some of these beings that are negative-dominant, encourage humans to also have light bodies. Light bodies make an ideal receptacle for implanted devices. Light bodies prevent Divine Ascendance in humans and so they are removed along the way.

32. Devices Removed
Non-beneficial devices from negative beings (for instance, negative inter-dimensional beings and negative extra-terrestrial beings) are removed along the way to Divine Ascendance.

33. Links and cords Made Beneficial, Parasitic Links Removed
Non-beneficial links and cords are either made beneficial or deleted along the way to Divine Ascendance. Parasitic links are removed.

34. Greater Wholeness
The level of wholeness increases with Divine Ascendance.

35. Greater Self Mastery
The level of Self Mastery increases with Divine Ascendance.

36. When Death Comes, Transcend Safely and directly to Source.
Who knows what happens when the physical body dies? What happens if someone dies and they have a lot of negative interference? Someone who is Divine Ascendant, when they die, is assured of having a smooth transition from physical embodiment reality to higher and more illustrious states of being.

37. Have Babies that are More Highly Evolved
When someone becomes pregnant after achieving Divine Ascendance, they can attract a highly evolved spirit to their child-to-be, perhaps one that is already Divine Ascendant. Another alternative is that the Divine Ascendant mother assists in the transformation of the spirit of the child to a higher level of evolution prior to the first breath so that the baby is born in a much more highly evolved state than if their mother were not Divine Ascendant.

38. Genetically Modified Food Made Safer
The modification of food by gene splicing can introduce vibrations into the food that the human body is not familiar with. This can cause vibrational dis-harmony. Divine Ascendance can help to restore harmony and prevent dis-harmony by transforming the vibrations.

39. Divine Consciousness
When you are Divine Ascendant you can access Divine Consciousness, which is higher than cosmic consciousness and super consciousness.

40. Divine Radiance
When you are Divine Ascendant you radiate high level vibrations that can transform those around you, uplifting them, assisting them in their spiritual evolution, and making their beings more positive. This can be particularly beneficial for family members.

41. Expanded Earth Healing Ability
When you are Divine Ascendant you can assist the Earth to heal in a much more powerful way. As you heal the Earth so Earth Mother heals you. This is a way to rapidly build large amounts of positive karma.

42. Karma Reduction
As you move towards Divine Ascendance, negative karma is reduced to zero.

43. Expansion of Self
As you become more spiritually evolved you experience an expansion of self. With Divine Ascendance the level of expansion of self is considerably greater than that of the average person.

44. Radiate Positivity
As you become more spiritually evolved you experience an expansion of positivity. With Divine Ascendance the level of expansion of positivity is considerably greater than that of the average person.

45. Higher Level of Freedom
With Divine Ascendance comes greater spiritual freedom. This means that many of the things you used to do are no longer necessary. For instance, you don't need to concern yourself with chakras any more because you don't have any. You don't need to go to courses designed to evolve you to higher spiritual levels because you are evolved beyond that. You don't need a guru because you are more highly evolved than the over 99% of gurus who have NOT yet achieved Divine Ascendance themselves!!! You will still have challenges because there is always more that you can become, but the challenges will tend to include more of a "higher class" of challenge.

46. The Light Lasts Forever
Once you achieve Divine Ascendance, the vast amount of information that you gain from doing this is always there, within your being, in the form of light, for all eternity. Contrast this with the fact that most of what you spend your money on will be gone in a matter of years.

47. Unity of Oneness with All That Is
Why are we here? Is it not to re-unite with our true nature? We are individualised expressions of All That Is. Divine Ascendance means we are in greater unity of oneness with All That Is.

48. Home
Where are we going in a spiritual sense? Is it not "Home", to our origins? We are All That Is in individualised expression. Eons ago we became individuated and we separated ourselves from All That Is and, once sufficiently enlightened to fully and completely realise that we are All That Is, and always have been, we re-unite with All That Is, and arrive "Home". Divine Ascendance means we are closer to our true Home. You will be Home when you are one with the source of Highest Love, the achievement of which is a higher level of assistance we offer.

49. It's an achievement
This is one of those rare opportunities in life where you can easily achieve so much from such a small investment of time and effort. Almost anyone who has a passion for spiritual growth can achieve Divine Ascendance. This is a real achievement of great and lasting and real, spiritual value.

Contrast Divine Ascendant people with billionaires and Presidents. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a billionaire or a President. And not everyone can become a billionaire or President but everyone can achieve Divine Ascendance. Divine Ascendance gives you great freedom and power on the higher levels, just as being a billionaire gives great freedom and power on the physical level. When billionaires and Presidents die they cease to be billionaires and Presidents, whereas Divine Ascendance lasts beyond the death of the physical. Someone with Divine Ascendance may say, "Maybe I haven't made a billion dollars, but I have achieved Divine Ascendance, and that is a real and lasting achievement and is of much greater value to my True Self and to God".

50. Access to Infinite Love
Higher than Highest Love is Infinite Love that gives you access to infinite possibilities.

50+. It's fun
What can you do when you are Divine Ascendant for fun? It's even fun to explore this question. There are countless things you could do. For instance, if I am in an art gallery I sometimes tune into the artists (via the art) and discover deeper meaning behind the art. If you are a Divine Ascendant artist, your Divine Ascendance is revealed in your art to someone who also has Divine Ascendance. Your art will reflect your high vibration and have an uplifting effect on all who view it. Which, of course, is another advantage and it hints at many more advantages.

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