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Jan and Wal and The Highest of Love
All beings want Highest Love. Highest Love is higher than Unconditional Divine Love. We, Jan and Wal, have the key to Highest Love and we want to share it with you and show you how you can attain more of it for yourself so you can become a higher expression of Highest Love and move towards your ultimate purpose.

In the 1980's I (Wal) developed a technique of enlightenment called ARISE. I applied ARISE to Jan and to our amazement, she began to speak messages from Divine Guides who said that she was the first on Earth to use Transmission to communicate with beings in Spirit. These Divine Guides gave us some Celestial Words of Power to resonate. Resonating the Divine Words of Power enabled us to raise our vibrations which, in turn, enabled us to communicate with higher and higher divine beings, including the deities of major religions.

Eventually we were able raise our vibrations sufficiently to talk to The Highest of All That Is. She gave us a lot of information, including many Celestial Words of Power to use primarily to heal the Earth and also to heal all life on Earth. We have published most of these Words of Power and some of the information given to us by The Highest of All That Is in our books. We discovered that anyone can use the information in our books to raise their vibrations to the highest of heights in a relatively small number of years.

We designed a process called Celestial Transformation that supercharges your growth. You can achieve more in one Celestial Transformation session than you can achieve from a lifetime of meditation.

We now work as spiritual specialists, transcendental spirit healers, and complementary therapists, offering a safe and caring space for healing and transforming as we assist people to achieve their personal goals while they also make strides towards their ultimate goal of being an expression of Highest Love. All that we do resonates with The Highest of Love. Celestial Transformation makes people top heavy, in other words it causes massive expansion of the higher levels in a short time. So we also offer Kinesiology, NLP, and EFT to help the lower levels catch up with the higher levels.

We have raised our own vibrations to a level that is higher than the source of Highest Love. Our work, Celestial Transformation, is now the most powerful Golden Age method of spiritual healing, growth and enlightenment in the world. Some people ask us if one of us is higher in vibration than the other. The answer is yes, Jan is higher. And yes, we, Wal and Jan, are husband and wife.

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