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Grand Program

Introduction to The Grand Program For Transformation

The question was asked of The Highest, "What is the best wording to use for an intent which would thoroughly safeguard us for any eventuality?" The Highest replied that this intent would be given to Wal and Jan in a private session. So, here it is. When the Grand Transformation Program is fully accepted by your being it will act like an intelligence that unerringly steers your life towards your highest purpose by accepting only that which is of benefit and rejecting all else. This does not mean that your life will be free from challenges as the truth is quite the contrary for just as trees grow stronger as they face the wind so challenges strengthen the self. The fully accepted Grand Transformation Program, however, ensures that the winds of challenge do no non-beneficial harm.

Installing the Grand Program is essential for everyone seeking to achieve Divine Ascendance quickly. Here are the suggested steps to take:-

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for an hour or so.
  • Read through the program silently and decide whether or not to use it. Are you ready and willing to change? Look within yourself and decide that you are ready for such an undertaking. Most likely you will be but possibly you may not be ready for the large changes that will ensue. Use your intuition.
  • Be aware that you may feel change within your system on completing it, there may be a tingling sensation through the body. Your vibration is likely to have increased and you are likely to be releasing energy and light which is not compatible with the program and you will be aligning more with your purpose. If your receptivity is low you are unlikely to feel anything, nevertheless the changes will be occurring.
  • Make sure the spine is straight whether you are standing, sitting or lying down.
  • Read the invocation aloud three times (some people need up to ten - use your intuition). This one set of readings should last you for the rest of your life. While it is not usually necessary to ever repeat it in later years, some people do for the enjoyment it gives them or to find out how far they have progressed since the first reading. Most people take about one hour to read it three times out loud. Ensure you set aside enough time for yourself somewhere that you will not be disturbed, in order to avoid interruption.
  • When you are finished, some gentle physical movement is highly recommended. This may take the form of stretching and moving the limbs or doing Tai Chi or Yoga.
  • From this time on, deliberately increase your awareness on every level so you can communicate with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. You may, perhaps, do this by being aware when your body needs sustenance, its preferred nutrition, what foods and drinks to avoid. Be aware of your mental and emotional aspects so that they do not become dominant. Keep your thoughts positive, know what your intent is with each thought.

The Grand Program for Transformation

Let it be known that I, ... [state your name] shall in all instances receive only that which is totally beneficial to me and beneficial to all and in line with my purpose. I shall create only that which is beneficial to me and beneficial to all and in line with my purpose. It is my will that I shall give and receive in balance, giving and receiving in the same moment simultaneously.

I seek the highest of guidance in all that I do, all that I say, all that I feel, all that I think, and I seek the highest of guidance in all, on every aspect and level and dimension of my being. Having received the guidance that is given, I seek the discernment and understanding so that I may choose to act upon it in the most beneficial way for me and for all and in line with my purpose.

The rest of the program is over 2000 words long. The whole program complete with empowering Celestial Words of Power can be found in each of our books and e-books.

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