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Introducing our 2 books:

'The Path to Divinity' contains guidance transmitted from high, divine beings to assist you along your spiritual path to divinity and beyond. It is spiritually uplifting and shares information designed to help you to awaken your divinity. You will also learn about Earth healing and ways you can empower yourself to contribute even more to planetary healing and evolution in these challenging times.

The Path to Divinity

'Words of Power'. Most people are familiar with words of power such as 'Amen' and 'Om'. Celestial Words of Power (as revealed by The Highest) are higher than such familiar words. They resonate with divine qualities (and higher) and manifest these qualities into those who use them and enable greater healing, evolution and enlightenment. Words of power can empower what you want. They can heal. They can enlighten. They can dismiss negativity and uplift positivity. They can protect. For instance, it takes just a few words of power to clear and optimise the aura and chakras and install a powerful shield of protection around the aura.

Words of Power Resonance for the Golden Age

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