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Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

Spiritual Crisis for Humanity
All of the religions of the world have let the world down. The religious texts are full of a mixture of truth and deception. The religious leaders are as blind and deceived as their followers. The result is that humanity has been overwhelmed by illusion. This is to change, the old illusory ways will be overturned. Massive, massive change is coming, a crash landing, sooner than you expect. This change would have almost totally destroyed humanity, but for the coming of The Highest Of All That Is, who has gifted us with Celestial Words of Power to enable humanity to uplift itself sufficiently to enable a softer landing.

Are you ready?
By elevating your vibration, uplifting yourself spiritually, you can assist yourself and your loved ones, and you can assist humanity, to survive the impact of the changes. The fastest, safest, most efficient way to do this is with Celestial Transformation and Celestial Words of Power.

Achieve Major Milestones in Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Ascendance
Most sincere seekers of spiritual enlightenment put in a great effort, such as spending thousands of hours in meditation over many years, striving for the next major milestone of human evolution which is Spiritual Ascendance (Spiritual Ascendance means you have evolved beyond the need to reincarnate in a physical body).
You can effortlessly achieve this by yourself. The exercises given in our book, 'Words of Power', make Spiritual Ascendance quick and easy to attain.

Divine Ascendance
These new Celestial methods also offer the major milestone after Spiritual Ascendance which is Divine Ascendance.
Very few people have ever attained this level of enlightenment because it is so difficult to achieve using other methods.
Our book, 'The Path to Divinity', gives information and exercises which, used in addition to the exercises in our book 'Words of Power', will help you to raise your vibration towards the level of Divine Ascendance.
See the web page "50+ Advantages of Divine Ascendance".

Oneness with the Source of Highest Love
It takes dedication but it's worth it. Highest Love means highest healing and enlightenment. The more that you immerse yourself in Highest Love, the more you become attuned with your own divinity.
You will not yet find this offered anywhere else on Earth.

Highest Decision Making Dominance
Your whole being defers decision making to your Highest of self. Your journey is, therefore, a most edifying, most educational and most direct a route to your destination of fulfilment of all major and minor purposes.

Unity of Oneness with All That Is
To achieve this totally is the ultimate.

Beyond all of the above
We will wait until someone achieves the above before offering more.

Tools we use

Celestial Transformation
The key to your rapid, safe spirtual transformation is Celestial Transformation.
Click here for more information on Celestial Transformation.

Words of Power and The Path to Divinity
Our books teach you how to free yourself from the past and to move forward powerfully into the future. Selected NLP, EFT and Kinesiology processes that resonate with Highest Love
We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Kinesiology to help align the lower levels with the higher levels and to bring about greater harmony and balance and unity of oneness with All That Is.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
If you are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) then you can make faster physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and divine progress by tapping the Celestial Words of Power into the EFT points. We are getting fantastic feedback from people who are experimenting with doing this. Whatever your experience with EFT, be prepared to be astounded by what incorporating Words of Power can do.

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